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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Il Paradiso

It always comes to a head at Paradise. Something that I think almost every Boston gay can relate to in their own very special way. Well it was the first block party that I was able to go to without having to work the van....a special occasion to say the least. 

I went with my Gayggle of course. While we were there who did I see but Othello. He came right up and gave me a hug. And truth be told my stomach still totally did a little somersault. Then he hugged  two other people in my Gayggle as if he knew them. That was when I found out that he did know one of them. A member of my gayggle had actually fucked him....not only did he fuck him but apparently Othello shit on his dick. I mean I can't make this shit up....And it was in the moment of hearing them talk about Othello and how thirsty he was that I realized it wasn't meant to be. That right now that is not who I should be with and it is most certainly not who I should be with in the months to come. 

Then almost like clockwork Prof walked by with his Gayggle. They said hello and I got a quick hug but it was definitely confirmation that we were both okay with being a former thing. A past fun event and a mutual understanding that we probably shouldn't be together. 

As the night went on I saw several other young gay guys that I had tested and I had gone to school with and for once I felt no pressure to hook up with anyone. I was perfectly happy being drunk and dancing. It happens every once in a while but this was the first time it happened when there were people who I had dated and actually considered viable dating options previously. 

It was at this point that I decided it was time to head back out onto the dating seen and give OkC another try. 

Until Next Time....


A Prof, A Football Field, and the Stars....

Post-PTown I kept in touch with Prof. It took a week or two before our schedules finally jived but ultimately we were able to figure out a night to get together. I wasn't really sure what we should do. I thought about coffee but that didn't seem to fit since we had already gone out twice. 

One of the things that strikes me about Prof is that he is definitely a romantic. On our second beach date he was already saying things about watching the sunrise and sunset with me. A total sappy romantic European, which deep down I fucking love. I mean doesn't everyone want that?....someone who puts thought into how to make something special for another person. I thought for a little while and decided that since we both lived right near Tufts that laying in the middle of the football field on a warm summer night and looking at the stars might be fun and right up his alley. 

I struck gold with the suggestion because he loved it. So around 9:30 after I had gotten out of work we rendezvoused at the football field. We laid down and stared at the stars and talked for a good 30 minutes before the middle school kid that lives deep within my soul reared his ugly head and I suggested we play truth or dare

No matter how old I get, given the right partner, I will always want to play truth or dare. I think its fun and funny on so many different levels. Given the Prof's penchant for exhibitionism I was not surprised at all to find that the game turned dirty pretty quickly. Before I knew it we were underneath the bleachers at the football field like a drunk high school cheerleader and the captain of the football team fooling around. He definitely redeemed himself with the blowjob I was getting but I could tell even though he was an exhibitionist that hooking up on the school football field where he is a professor may have been pushing the envelope. I didn't want to sleep with him yet because I actually was pretty attracted to him. He had a great personality, a good job, and was smart....which I see as potential which means I like to hold out on the sex. 

Eventually he convinced me to go and see his place. He is one of the live-in professors at the university.....yes that means he lives in a dorm. It was a little weird to be honest. Walking into the dorm with the person that all of his residents saw as a professor and knowing that we were on a date. I can't really place my finger on what was weird about it, but it was. It felt viscerally weird. 

It didn't take long for us to continue to hook up in his place. He was respectful of my request to not have sex, but he was definitely acting the part of the thirsty bottom. Then out of nowhere he lost his erection. I mean there was nothing I could do to get it back. This had never really happened to me before for no reason. So we started talking about ways that it might get seduced into returning and that is when I realized that I was dealing with another weird fetish. The guy loved SPANKING.

I've never really understood spanking as a fetish if I am being completely honest. I mean I totally understand an aggressive ass slap mid-fuck, but bending someone over your knee and spanking someone for an extended period of time. Enjoying turning someone's ass red and warm...I mean to each there own. So in our discussion I learned that the guy was not just into spanking but into corporal punishment and specifically spanking. The funny thing for me was that he was very into me spanking him. 

When I started spanking him he loved it. Then I gave part of his thigh a little slap and was told that was not an acceptable place to spank him. It was at this point that I decided I needed to be spanked appropriately in order to learn how I should dole out the punishment. So I submitted my ass to probably 10 aggressive spanks.

The funniest part about the whole thing was that the bigger my reaction to the spanking the harder his dick got. So I started playing it up....squirming, moaning, and whining with every slap until his dick was rock hard and sticking into my stomach. Then it was time to turn the tides and spank him and within minutes his dick was rock hard and dripping precum. I wasn't sure if I should keep going or if I should finish him off and then without warning he flipped over and just finished himself off. Apparently just spanking him and the thought of it continuing was enough to cum. 

Again I relayed the message that I didn't really need to cum....I would be fine without cumming. My dick would go soft and then I could head out. The sad dejected look on his face when I said that I would not be spending the night was sad, but in no way did it change my opinion. It was in that look that I realized that this would probably never work. I mean I could definitely hook up with him again in a pinch but I couldn't be with someone who wanted to cuddle post spanking session for the duration of the night. It just is not my style and nor do I ever think it really could be. 

So I quickly slipped out of the dorm and headed back to my place. I got a text pretty soon after my departure with a thank you for such a fun date and the prospect of another date, but I knew pretty well that it would probably lead no where. I still have a hard time with trying to distance myself from people without seeming judgmental. 

For whatever reason I tend to bring out the fetish in people. I always feel bad to say I'm not interested in someone right after they have expressed their fetish to me. I think to some extent everyone has a fetish of some sort and I think they are all valid in their own right. I mean who am I to say something is sexy if it totally gets you off right? I just don't want to come off as not being into someone because of their fetish.....which I guess is stupid. I mean if someone were into castration or something I think that fetish would be a deal breaker for me. I don't even really know where I'm going with this but at the end of the day I didn't want Prof to think that his spanking fetish was the reason I wasn't into him. So I did a slow text phase out....a specialty of mine lately. 

I have a few more updates to come so stay tuned!!!


PTown PLCs 2014....

This is a few months late for a lot of reasons but primarily because my life has been in flux. I started a new job and I have gotten another advanced nursing like I have said before, I'm sorry I've been super busy.

I go to Ptown for my old job about three times a year to test people. This year I actually got to have some days off while I was there and in typical fashion I made some PLCs. Nothing terrible but enough to remind me that I am still a young gay man.

Prior to going down for the second time this summer for what is known in the PTown world as Carnival. I had been talking to a guy on OkC who we will call Prof. He was a little bit older and a physics professor at the building right near my apartment coincidentally enough. We hadn't me in person but we each were going to be in PTown for Carnival so I was told to say hi if I saw him. 

Well don't you know that the very first night I am there I decided to go out alone because I had the night off and the nurses doing the clinics volunteered to drive my drunk ass home. While I was out dancing and drinking and just enjoying being in PTown and not working from across the dance floor I spotted Prof. He was dancing shirtless in a group of people who I assumed were his friends. Luckily, I had already been drinking for several hours and thought it was the perfect time to go say hello. I interjected myself right into his friend group and started dancing with him. It took a few minutes for him to recognize my face, but the minute he did his tongue was in my mouth. 

That is the funny thing about PTown...a lot of the normal little courtesies that occur between gay men in the traditionally hetero culture totally melt away. It is completely acceptable for a greeting at 12a in PTown between two acquaintances to be hardcore making out and shirtless groping. No one even bats an eye. Quite frankly it would be more out of place if you tried to shake someone's hand and offered to buy them a drink. 

I digress....we continued making out and dancing until the bar closed at 2a and it was time for everyone, by everyone I mean any gay man who is breathing and drunk in PTown during Carnival, to head to Spiritus for some of the world's crappiest/best drunk pizza and the closest thing to old school cruising this generation of gays is likely to ever know. 

While waiting in line he was all over me. I was drunk and thought the whole thing was pretty fun. You have to remember I had just recently been told "you're great, but not great for me" from a guy who I sort of actually had a thing for at the time. 


One thing led to another and in my typical fashion I made a small PLC. Prof led me to the side of the pizza building and kept making out and groping me like a bear mauling a tent with hamburgers in it. At one point he started trying to blow me right on the street underneath a street lamp. 

I was appalled at such exhibitionism of course and from the guys who were catcalling us both. Being the PTown vet that I am, I brought him around back of the pizza place between the driveway of the abutting house and the exit to the kitchen where there is a convenient enclosed area perfect for hooking up. At this point I let him have at my dick and was honestly disappointed at his dick sucking abilities given how eager he was to get my cock in his mouth. It was after a few minutes of what I can only classify as mediocre head that I decided to rock his world. I blew him for maybe 3 minutes....long enough to prove my skills, and then I zipped him back up. 

I love the moment after I have teased someone with an amazing blowjob where they are both fascinated that your mouth was able to do that to them and totally despondent that you have stopped. Does that make me weird? Probably, but what are you going to do. 


At this point we traded numbers with the promise to get together once more before leaving and to see each other when we returned to normal life outside of the PTown haze that so many gay men experience. I headed back to the nurses who rushed me home totally bemused by my drunken state. One of them had actually seen me on outreach making out in front of the pizza place so there were several questions regarding the mystery man. I'm a pretty open book so I shared the details and everyone was amused and excited to see what would happen on my next day out alone. 

When I went out the next night I thought I would play it safe and see if I could maybe find the Prof and his friends again. However, when I was at the first bar and noticed the Prof making out with another one of his friends I quickly let that idea go as I didn't want to push something that would screw up his vacation...I mean there are plenty of men to dance and make out with in PTown, why recycle if you don't have to?

Before I knew it one of the guys dancing on one of the stages was leaning down and asking me my name. Then as soon as I had responded he jumped down and introduced himself as a Major in the US Army, hence his name Major. My face must have looked skeptical because he was quickly pulling out his wallet to prove his rank to me. I laughed and he offered to buy me a drink and then we ended up chatting for 3 hours outside on the patio. When I had finished my second or third drink he asked about where I was staying. I explained the living arrangement in PTown with the other nurses for work and how this was my night off. As soon as the words "my night off" escaped my mouth he must have seen his opening because he immediately wanted to show me the place he was staying. 

I knew I had another few hours to kill before I turned into a pumpkin and would have to head back with the other nurses to the house so I conceded a visit to his place knowing full well where this all was going. His place was one of the house right on Commercial St. though? I mean that is like a PTown privilege to be invited in for something other than an orgy. 

One thing led to another and we were hooking up in the house overlooking Commercial....a first for me for sure. Before my pants were even off I looked him in the eye and demanded that condoms be used. I'm always surprised when guys attempt to do anything with me sans condom. I mean, for motherfucking sake.....I am an HIV nurse.....seriously. The sex was appalling. He was going at it as if he had never been in an asshole before and he used a studded condom no less. 

Just an aside.....As a gay man....I FUCKING HATE studded condoms. No amount of lube in the entire world can make all those little rubber balls of plastic feel good in my asshole. There is no added stimulation from my prostate, there are only all these micro tears. If I were a woman and got some kind of added clittoral stimulation I would get it but nothing about added plastic going into your ass feels good. As someone who is completely versatile I make an effort when I top to use condoms that are going to feel good for me and not hurt the person I'm fucking. When I bottom I would only hope that the top showed the same amount of courtesy. 

After fucking for a few minutes the guy got close and pulled out and wanted to wait to fuck more. I decided that his cock, his studded condom, and his less than stellar moves as a top did not deserve anymore of my asshole than he had already gotten and went immediately to finish him off with my mouth. Within minutes that guy was ready to cum and blew all over his chest. I was satisfied I had done a good job. He then wanted to make sure that I got off and went to try and finger me and suck me off, but I was again unimpressed with his oral skills and decided that it wasn't 100% necessary that I cum. We showered and then just were hanging out and talking. One of his vacation buddies came home and started chatting with us too. 

It didn't occur to me how old one would have to be to actually be a major in the army until Major's vacation buddy showed up with completely grey hair. The guy was still very physically attractive, but in a definite silver fox way. It was then about time for drunk pizza and all three of us headed over to Spiritus. I met all of their friends who were all much older and had various really important jobs. All were super nice and insisted on seeing me later or buying me drunk food. Then as we were waiting in line I finally took at one of their watches and noticed that it was almost 1:30a...which meant my chariot awaited and my glass slippers were about to disappear once again. I kissed Major goodbye and headed on my way to meet the nurses. 

I suppose that's one of the funny things about PTown PLCs. They never really seem like PLCs. I mean obviously having sex with Major was a PLC and so was sucking off Prof behind the pizza place. But I had fun, I was safe, and I don't regret either thing. So there's that. I still blame both things on my lack of an appropriate love life here in Boston just makes the situation easier in my mind. 

I worked throughout the rest of the week. However I did find time to meet the Prof for a beach date. It was really cute. I was going to head to the clinic after spending the day tanning on the beach and he decided to meet me for a few hours. We talked about books, life, sex, pretty much everything right on the beach and he once again showed his exhibitionist side. Luckily, I was completely sober this time and I was able to keep it in check, but he was definitely into PDA. I kept getting kissed and straddled and hugged. Prof is significantly bigger than me and was able to pin me down with relative ease. 

Now Prof is obviously a physics professor and is super smart, but he is also British and went to Oxford for undergrad and has a degree in philosophy as well. The man is super smart and super cute and super kinky. He seemed wonderful. However there is always this question whenever you meet anyone in PTown as to whether it is a temporary thing because of the situation or if in the real world things click too....That is going to be the next keep your eyes peeled. 

In the mean time....


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Let's Stick with Shakespeare....

As promised here is another update really soon after the first one. I have finally settled on a name for the latest guy, which of course means things are coming to a close, but I have been on a Shakespeare kick lately so let's stick with that shall we...We'll call him Othello

So Othello is a rather short, black/brown guy, super nice, wicked hot, went to an Ivy League school and is now teaching inner city 6th graders at a charter school. Sounds perfect for me right? Ay, here's the rub....he was a patient of mine a while back....and he had an STD....and then he has been a patient of my clinics at few more times throughout his slut when he asked me out a little before the 4th of July I was hesitant but excited. 

He's the guy that ran into me while I was working on the streets of PTown after my run in with the psychic and I really think I was going to project whatever that psychic had told me on the first guy who looked my way so naturally it was him. We went on a first date when we both got back to Boston; easy, iced coffee and a walk through Boston Common. He was just as nice and genuine as he seemed to be the first few times I saw him. It was at this point I learned that his favorite musical was Aida (anyone who can recall this knows the love of my life will be Radames) and his favorite piece of literature was Othello. That should have tipped me off right there as to how this would end but of course I'm an idiot. 

After walking for a while we made our way down to the Coast Guard station in the North End and made out watching the boats roll was super cute and nice. I told him that I liked him so I wanted to take things slow and he thought that was a good idea. 

Our second date ended up being sort of odd....I wanted to go out to dinner, but he insisted that he make me dinner at his house. I don't know about any of you but this seemed to be moving super fast to me. Dinner at someone's house usually implies dessert in their bedroom...which believe me I wanted...I was just confused because I thought he was into going slow. 

A quick funny aside just to explain to everyone exactly how awkward and ridiculous my dating life can be. I showed up at his apartment and ended up waiting outside for about 10 minutes before he came to the door with someone who was also waiting to go into the apartment next door clearly for a Grindr hook-up (Ah the joys of the South End). Then when I was walking downstairs into the kitchen with my bottle of wine in hand I fucking slipped. Like ass hit every stair on the way down kind of slipped until I was able to recover at the bottom (Fucking slippery Tom's Canvas shoes)....way to make an entrance right? I digress....

Dinner was wonderful...he's a great cook. I sneaked through his Itunes library to find songs he himself was the artist on and a really eclectic library of music. We finished off a bottle of wine and the conversation never really lagged at all. After dinner we ended up kissing and then he wanted to show me his room. Another sure fire sign to me that slow was not on the menu. Needless to say we ended up starting to fool around. I sucked his dick, he sucked mine, and then I sensed between him enjoying my blowjob that there was an issue. So I stopped and he said, "I thought you wanted to take it slow." At this point I agreed that I did and I sat up dick still hard  and put my clothes on and apologized. 

I don't want to say that it was never my intention to hook up with him because he is fucking gorgeous and that is definitely part of the attraction, but I also know that I am totally able to control myself in these situations and I was getting the sense that perhaps he does not. So I left with a good bye kiss.

That Friday, after texting off and on all week, while he was drunk I got a series of text messages telling me that he was made at me because essentially he felt that I had lied. I defended myself again with my typical, I want to take it slow, but I also don't want to deprive myself if I like someone. We decided that we would have another date on Sunday. 

So Sunday came and he pushed off the time of our date due to his hangover from the night before and we ended up going to SOWA. For those not from gay Boston....SOWA is this giant flea market/summer festival/food truck thing that happens in the South End during the summer on Sundays. Its a lot of fun and the two of us really had a good time. He tried on ridiculous shorts, we both ran into people we knew, and we had something quick to drink. 

At one point he turned to me and said, "I'm not trying to be rude...I know you're handsome and stuff, but literally everyone is staring at you." Quite frankly I hadn't noticed this at all....I guess I don't realize when gay men look at me anymore because it happens so frequently in Boston. I explained to him that it really had nothing to do with my looks, but rather everyone trying to figure out where they know me from. Its sort of a phenomenon. I will have gay guys on the train or out come up to me trying to figure out where they know me from and nine times out of ten it is from my job as the STD nurse. I have either tested them, treated their partner, or messaged them on one of the myriad gay sex apps to come in for testing. Unfortunately, because some of my patients come in under the influence they have a hard time remembering me in the scrubs. It is what it is I suppose. I explained that to him and he seemed to understand. 

The other major occurrence during the SOWA date was as we were walking back to his place. A guy from behind called out his name...It was a typical gay-queen-possessive-he's-mine-and-who-is-this-bitch kind of call out. I didn't even flinch really. I've been in this situation so many times I don't even care. However Othello...FROZE...he looked so uncomfortable I couldn't believe it. The conversation between him and the stranger was almost forced...he did introduce me though. Then as we were walking away he quickly pulled out his phone and sent a text. I could tell he sent a text to his best friend. There was obviously something about this guy. So when we ended up sitting on a bench I point blank asked what the deal was...He lied...naturally..."Oh just the best rimjob I ever had" I told him I knew that wasn't true and that was why he texted his best friend....he relented but I gave him the out and said he didn't have to tell me. He seemed appreciative for the out and definitely took it. 

He also seemed to understand the situation from our second date and was okay with it. We then planned a tentative day/time for a next date. Beehive is a nice restaurant in the South End with live music, essentially all the time while you eat. Its really a pretty nice/fun date place. We went here for our fourth date. Unfortunately I was working afterwards so I couldn't really have a drink at all but it was still a good time. However, it was midway through this date that I began to realize that perhaps I was falling harder than he was. Othello definitely bit off more than he could chew and rather than getting jealous was just starting to undermine his own involvement.

During the date I got a mini-freakout because I had made a guess about something in his life, which I was right about and he I think wanted to be more aloof about it from his reaction. Not really a big deal. Then at the end of the date I went in to kiss him before he went on his way and he totally shot me down. He insisted it wasn't me and that he wanted to take it slow and PDA freaked him out. Despite the fact that we had previously made out at the Coast Guard station on a first date. I could see the writing on the wall, but I liked him so rather than bail, which has always been my M.O. in the past I decided to try and stick it out. 

After that he went on a trip to TX for a conference and was gone for a week. When I realized he was back from a FB post I decided to see if he was down to hang out. He said he was and we set up a tentative day and time. He ended up bailing, but wanted to reschedule. I should note that after he came back from TX the cute name for me changed from sexy or babe to buddy.....I'm not blind. He bailed on a second reschedule date and then one more time last night on a third reschedule. 

So finally with my drunken fortitude I texted him and just asked point blank "Is this a coincidence that you keep bailing or are just not sure how to tell me that you're not into me." The honest drunken response came pretty quickly, "I'm just not into you like that. And the second date killed it, you weren't trying to take it slow." Of course....just when you think a problem is solved it never is. I tried to gracefully bow out. After all I still like him even if he doesn't like me. I can't help it. I think he's nice, attractive, and quirky but sometimes its just not there for both people. I'm honestly happy I know. My final text to him last night went something like this: "Its fine really better to just know....I suspected anyways. I hope you find what you're looking deserve it." I thought it was fine. I thought I had ended it like a grown up. 

Then this morning I woke up to a text message at 6 AM (probably post Saturday night hook up) that said, "Ugh...I think you're wonderful. I wanna hang out but I'm not ready to give you what you say you want."

I have NO idea what that means! I am more confused now then I have been in a long time. I don't want to continue to get strung along just so he doesn't have to feel bad about turning away someone he thinks has boyfriend potential. I don't know how or if I should respond to this message...this is definitely going to need some hag advice....but ultimately its like Bonnie Raitt says:

Until Next Time...


Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Midsummer's Breakdown

Hi all!! I apologize yet again for my lack of posting but the summer has just gotten weirder and weirder essentially. When you combine that with my fairly busy work schedule it just seems I never have time for you anymore.

Let's start with people from last time who are no longer in the picture:

Facebiter---He is now living and working in Geneva and being really important. His achievements constantly pop up on my facebook newsfeed and I always think, "Damn if his dick wasn't so small or he wasn't such a pussy that would have been perfect." Also as an FYI...the roommate I think he is in love with went with him to Geneva, and the other one who had a gf found me on okcupid. 

Teeth---Essentially he is out. I never went on a second date with him because after the first date I never saw him again. I know that he is at least semi-interested because every time I am working at a club he bounces at he makes a point to come say hello to me. The last time he told me I should call him if I ever wanted to grab a drink again. Needless to say I still have yet to make that phone call. 

Now let me tell you a tale of Pre-D. Pre-D is a 34 year old white guy who has amazing arms and the face of a 21 year old who is working in his second career as a pre-school teacher after giving up a career as an architect. We went on dates from April/May to July. I know, a long time for me right?

Our first date was really awkward. We went to Starbucks and just talked. I got a small kiss at the end of the date before he got into his Brian Kinney Jeep.

Date 2--We went to the Atlantic Fish Co. I got reservations, we ordered appetizers, a bottle of wine, and I paid the bill. A funny little anecdote about dinner. He ordered the special, some sort of fish over polenta. After the waiter left I said, "Wow I wouldn't have taken you for a polenta kind of guy," and he responded quickly, "Yea I love it. Its awesome." When his food came within seconds of the waiter leaving he pointed to the polenta on his plate and asked me what it was. At this point I realized it was my duty to inform him that it was the polenta he loved so much. We took a walk around Boston Common and the Boston Gardens after dinner. I ribbed him for his polenta mistake and he made fun of me for wanting to climb a tree. Then things got serious and he essentially asked me what was wrong with me. I had no option but to tell the truth: I'm ambitious as fuck and I am a total commitment phobe. In turn I asked him about his major character flaws which he pinpointed as one thing, I'm hard to read. 

Then afterwards he came by my place and we ended up making out on my couch. Only it was a generic make out session. He went after my nipples hardcore. Like was pulling and twisting and pinching like they were going to unlock a magic door. I stopped him at one point to say we weren't going to have sex and that I liked this side of him. And he agreed. I did end up blowing him and it was once again a pretty aggressive blowjob. After he came we ended up talking and I found out that he is always this aggressive. He also told me that he is essentially also always a top, which I tend not to believe but with this guy I was sensing maybe there was some truth to that statement. At the end of the day, there was an undeniable sexual chemistry either way. Although I wasn't sure what he was thinking before this point I was positive what was happening after he came. 

Date 3--- A simple movie date to watch Maleficent. I drove him back to his car after being super late getting to the movie. He was cute and listened to all of my terrible commentary throughout the movie, but he didn't eat movie theater popcorn...sort of weird right? Maybe its just me but I feel like that is sort of a red flag. Of course I ignored it. I got a simple good night kiss. No frills. No nipples pulling. And I was pretty confused as to where I stood, but I decided to just not worry about it. 

Date 4---We went to the beach. A really awesome date and I really liked hanging out with him. Prior to making it to the beach we stopped for coffee and a muffin at a place in Harvard Sq. Ordering at the counter flustered him so much that the cashier actually asked me what size drink he would want because he didn't want to fluster him again. 

After the beach we went back to my place where I blew him again and he was once again really aggressive and insanely hot. Then we went for dinner. When we got back we ended up laying on my bed and he rested his feet on my back. It was at this point that I saw the whole dom/sub fetish scene flash before my eyes. I would not be someone's slave all the time. A little pushing, biting, pinching, is all fun and games when I have a hard on, but I'll be damned if I am going to submit to being someone's foot stool or humiliated in public all the time. Not my bag and nor will it ever be. I totally get the BD/SM stuff during sex, but I just can't bring myself to be a participant beyond the bedroom or a sexual encounter. It does nothing for me. I also thought that I was going to become some hole he might choose to use, which was not my end game. I made all of this perfectly clear and he told me that's why we weren't fucking. We were going to take it slow, because he essentially saw potential. 

After that I brought him home after searching for appropriately colored fruits and vegetables for a gay party he was throwing that needed a rainbow of produce. 

Date 5---We actually ended up doing a breakfast date after one of my night shifts because I was going away. We met at a cute little diner in Allston and had breakfast. During breakfast he opened up about his last boyfriend, a Brazilian guy who seemed to have really screwed him over. The guy like most of his exes was much younger than him and even younger than me by almost 6 years. I was starting to piece together that Pre-D (get it Pre-D for the fact that he is a preschool teacher and the fact that he is a dom, and the fact that I never got his D) may still have some feelings for his ex and may not really be ready for any sort of a relationship. I let it go as I was going away and thought that it didn't really require any addressing right now. 

Date 6---Dinner again...this time at one of my favorite sushi restaurants in Brighton. We ate, we chatted, and then we went for a walk around the reservoir. We talked pretty extensively about his feelings regarding anonymous gay sex and how he didn't understand it. How he thought it was gross. He also told me about one of his older friends who is a dentist and who he often visits. It is not the first time I heard about this friend. In fact this is the same friend that I know he went to Chicago with and heard the stories about at dinner. After dinner he dropped me back off at the hospital so I could grab my car. 

In order to say 20 bucks on parking I needed to wait another 30 minutes before I could leave though. So what is a boy to do?? Check his work Grindr account obviously to see if the guy who just completely berated anonymous gay sex has an account. And of course he did. However the strange thing was that while I was checking to see if he was on I got a message from PG

Apparently PG had moved to Brighton and he wanted me to come over and fool around. He wanted to be fuck buddies. I knew that I shouldn't go. I knew that it was probably a bad idea, because PG definitely has clinger/stalker tendencies, but I hadn't hooked up with Pre-D since our 4th date and I was getting sick of masturbating wondering if things were going in the right direction between us. So I went to PG's new place. I know PLC...

I get there and immediately start fooling around. He loves sucking dick; unfortunately he is still not very good at it. I fooled around with him for about 30 minutes pretty aggressively. Eventually when I was fingering him I felt some condylomas internally and immediately stopped. I decided at that point to just throat fuck him until he finally came. He did this pretty quickly with a minimal amount of "cum for me you dirty slut"'s As soon as he came I was trying to wipe the finger that had felt the HPV off on his sheets. I was especially careful not to touch my own cock with that finger until I was sure I had washed off any traces of the virus. After cumming he wanted to chat about who I was currently dating. I started to describe Pre-D and pretty quickly PG had this smirk on his face. 

He grabbed his phone, fiddled for a minute, and quickly flashed me a picture of Pre-D's Jack'd profile and asked, "Wait, is that him?" Of course it was and of course he could tell by the face I made when he showed me the picture. No verbal assent was needed. Then with an unusual amount of glee PG described in pretty vivid detail a group sex encounter he had participated in almost 2 weeks ago with Pre-D, an older gentleman, and a young Brazilian. 

I froze. Like an asshole, I had decided to try and get my dick wet and quickly found out that the guy I thought I had a shot at a relationship with was having pretty raunchy group sex....hours after going on a date with me. I wasn't sure how I felt. At first I was upset, then I didn't care who he fucked because he was dating me, and then I realized what I was really feeling was jealous that PG (the prick that he was) had sex with the guy I actually liked before I did. My PLC had turned into one giant fucking mess if we are being completely honest. Not only did I find out that there was no chance I could ever have PG as a fuck buddy because of the discovery while fingering him but I also learned that I may need to explore my dating with Pre-D before I continued on with him at any other level. 

Post-hook up I couldn't get my hag on the phone quickly enough. Thank God for her really. She talked me off of acting like a completely crazy person that night. I ended up just choosing to ignore it completely. There was nothing I could do about it. We weren't monogamous by any means and all I really learned was that his bullshit lament about gay men's affinity for anonymous sex was a crock of shit. At least I knew now, right? 

After this revelation I ended up taking back to the internet and going on a date with another guy who I really liked (more to come). At this point I realized maybe I should make a move to figure out where I actually fit in with Pre-D. Was he going to continue to date me and keep me on reserve? Was he interested in something more serious in the near future or was I simply a place holder?

So via text message (I know so classy), I ended up asking him about the group sex session. What another PLC that was!!! It did not go well. He got really upset that I knew about it, that I asked him about it, and that I maybe-sort of-possibly implied that I was looking to date someone seriously and if he was just looking for some bottom slut that it wasn't going to be me so just let me know so I can move on. OOOOOPs...How was I to know that wouldn't go over well. He pretty much shut down after telling me that he didn't even want to have group sex that night and just did it "because". 

I felt bad honestly, but the truth is I don't think Pre-D is looking for a relationship right now. He is enjoying being a hot older dom for a bunch of newly out or closeted college age bottom sluts. I understand how at 24 I definitely seem like I might fit that category, but the truth is I have been at this too long. I have had my fun and I really want someone to date. I'm not looking to just be a fuck buddy. I have those. I don't really need more. The deeper truth is that despite a pretty excellent sexual chemistry I don't think Pre-D and I connected on a level beyond that romantically, as friends sure, but romantically I can't really tell. 

The next day I texted him to see if we could talk like grown ups. At first I was impressed with his way to carry a normal conversation. But within a few text messages I realized he was Connecticuting the issue. (You know Connecticuting---white people's way of pretending nothing happened and everything is okay and just as it was prior to the altercation or issue). I'm from Massachusetts and I'm a nurse...there is no Connecticuting in my life. So I was direct and  asked what the deal was with everything that happened yesterday. Then out of no where almost as an aside in a different text he told me he hated my job. I'm almost sure he said this because he was upset I had called him out about being a hypocrite regarding the anonymous sex in the gay community which he apparently didn't abhor as much as he led on, but it didn't matter. My job as a nurse is the one thing I have ever been sure of beyond my relationship with my family and close friends. If you fuck with my job---I'm out. I laid it all down and gave him the opportunity to back out but he didn't so I did. If you don't like my job then you can't possibly like me. It's literally that simple in my world. And so I have not spoken to Pre-D since or seen him out anywhere. 

The other guy that I started dating at the same time I'm not really sure what to call yet. I am still sort of holding out for good things with this one so I am going to hold off writing about him for a while, but that ma be changing soon. I go to PTown again next week and am on vacation this week so hopefully I will be able to be better about updating this blog in the next couple weeks. No promises after that but we shall see. 

Until Next Time!!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Spring Renewal Post

I haven't been able to bring myself to post for months because its really just been pathetic. I have had no real time for any kind of personal life. Any time I get asked out on a date it seems like I am just squeezing them in to convince myself that whatever sham of a personal life I have is still existent. That being said...I have been going on dates and I have not been posting about them and for that I apologize.

Its pretty much more of the same old, same old to be honest. Well....let's start with who is still around....Facebiter....that's right Facebiter is actually still around. However, around is sort of a relative term. Its nice to be semi-dating someone who is equally as busy as myself, but that means there is even less time that we can actually go out on a date. I haven't seen him in over 3 weeks because he was in DC and then I was in NYC and then he was working and then I was working....its sort of a mess. I was supposed to go out with him today, but my phone died of course so that has yet to come to fruition. I messaged him on Facebook though.

The reason I am even letting this continue is really because he is leaving for Geneva this summer. I'm not sure that its working to be honest, but does that really matter if he is only going to be here for a few more months anyway. Isn't it easier to just let the travel take care of any romantic feelings he may have and keep a nice friend? Well that's my plan as of right now because the sexual chemistry never really ignited and the dates were very....umm...erm...Republican...I don't really know that is an appropriate adjective, but its the one I'm going to use.

Now let's catch you up on some folks shall we.... named because he was both a pocket gay and rated parental guidance. I met him on OkCupid and he is from Roxbury. He is part Dominican, part Portuguese, and part English/French, typically a great combination for me. In his profile he indicated that he was short, but I blew that off because I've never found height to really be a deterrent to my physical attraction to someone before throughout my life. He works at the same hospital as my roommate in the human resources department and he has his own apartment and he graduated from college, all pluses so far, right?

I showed up for our first date (we went to Dillon's, a nice bar on Boylston St. albeit not a great date place). When we were in the restaurant, it wasn't until he was standing next to me at the house station that I realized just how short he was. I was tempted to ask for a booster seat. I know I'm going straight to hell, but when you say that you're short you should indicate if its such a height that people would think I was kidnapping a child. I mean suddenly the fact that he worked at a children's hospital made perfect sense.

Let me get past his stature because he really was a very nice guy. Things were just very stiff. He is definitely a rule follower....and I am definitely...well...not a rule follower. I think human resources is pretty much the antithesis of everything a public health nurse stands for in terms of patient care. Beyond the relative stiffness of the date, which could have been attributed to the fact that he was out on an actual date with another guy in a very straight place for the first time ever, the conversation flowed relatively smoothly. I had just gotten back from the DR and had lots to talk about.....

Then came the snag. Somehow I threw out something about him being Catholic and I was quickly corrected. Apparently he was Jewish, but an Atheist Jew, I'm still not entirely sure I understand that concept. I'm not done...Not only is he currently an Atheist Jew, but he was a part of a Christian cult that use to think gay people were going to hell. He use to travel to Maine on the weekends for Megachurch meetings with a pastor who allowed him to stay at his house. He was almost married off to some female church member in Pennsylvania when he was in high school. The kicker of all of this is that his parents were not part of this crazy cult-like religion.

Now anyone who remotely knows me will understand telling me that you use to be in a cult is like hanging a porterhouse in front of a starving bear. I drilled him with question after question after question about the cult. One of my dirty little secrets is that I am completely fascinated by anything that remotely resembles a cult. I think I have probably watched every documentary on the Westboro Baptist Church and the Duggar family that has ever existed (for those angered by my Duggar family is a cult analogy...Fuck you...tell me the difference).

After my cult interrogation I offered to drive him back to his place, which was conveniently located a few blocks from my office in the middle of the hood. We ended up making out and made the appropriate decision to leave it as just making out for now.

We went on another date after a particularly long day at my job. I brought him to a dive bar near Northeastern that I have gone to since I was able to drink during undergrad. Again he looked uncomfortable, particularly when some drunk older white guy realized we were gay and started talking to us. I have never seen someone more uncomfortable pretending to engage in a conversation with someone they were clearly not interested in talking to at all. He was a good sport though and after a couple beers I drove him home. This time I made it inside and we did fool around.

We ended up naked and blowing each other. No sex. But I learned some things about PG. Number one is that he has a beautiful apartment with an amazing view of the city of Boston. I mean watch out Dot Gays that Roxbury folks might be coming for you.

The other thing I learned is that the guy had a total underwear fetish. Like had several different pairs and loved showing them off for me. It was fun and he had a nice ass. I mean the guy's body was amazing. I think that is one of the pay outs the universe gives you for being short. You get amazing muscle definition quickly just because you don't have as much physical mass to work out. His ass was great too. And unlike Facebiter his cock was appropriately sized. I mean by no means was it enormous, but it was definitely enough to handle.

One thing that I was surprised by was his lack of blowjob skills. According to PG he actually hooks up with guys pretty frequently (which is why we didn't fuck). I buy that because I see him while I am trolling the gay sex apps for patients too so I think that is probably completely legitimate. But seriously he could not suck a dick to save his life. I mean he didn't use teeth, but I could have thrown some water on the palm of my hand and gotten a similar feeling. So being the benevolent old gay that I am I passed down a trick or two...which I first demonstrated and had him teach back....I'm such a mess. Whatever the blowjob got exponentially better after my little lesson and that's really all that I right?

After we both came I got dressed and he actually just laid around in his underwear.

It was actually quite adorable. Then I began my interrogation about the cult again. Are women allowed to give fellatio or is that considered sodomy? So the only reason for intercourse is for reproduction? Are you allowed to masturbate? Do they talk about masturbation? I seriously have a problem, I'm aware, and I don't care. 

For our third date he insisted on paying and we went to a nice sushi place called Basho in the Fenway. I had been there once before and I liked it. When we were sitting and ordering though it became quite apparent that he had never really eaten sushi before just because of the way he was trying to order one piece of tuna...the waitress was completely perplexed. Eventually, I had to step in and help because it was just cruel to watch the confusion continue any longer. Dinner was good, but seemed a lot like a job interview. By the third date I just want to be able to have a normal conversation with you and not talk about gay cinema festivals, unless we went to one or we are making fun of them.

Once again we ended up back at his place after a quick coffee (another vice which he did not enjoy instead he got a hot chocolate...seriously PG). Much of the same happened this time that happened the last time. The biggest difference is this time I didn't finish....I just didn't have it in me, I think he thought of this as an affront, but I didn't really care. Then the pillow talk started and I was floored. My usual interrogation of cult practices turned into a theological discussion about the Bible and its literal translation and meaning.

Born and raised a Catholic I pulled my cross out of my pocket and began to put it back around my neck (because its rude to use Jesus to help you with only make that mistake once) and be instructed as to the historical significance of the cross. And then the sinfulness that I was living in even by my own faith. It was at this point that I tried to interject my own theological beliefs, but was quickly shut down. For PG religion was black and grey...which I think is pretty much a metaphor for his entire life...all rules and no room for budging.

After a week and a half of trying half-heartedly to schedule another date PG texted me and let me know that he thought maybe we should just be friends. He did mention the idea of being fuck buddies but I didn't respond to that. I mean what is the point of having a fuck buddy who you have to teach how to give a blowjob.

Hickey continues to be a regular fuck buddy for me. The sex is still phenomenal and we still always have a good time when we are together, but there is always something said or done that reminds me exactly why we should not be together as a couple. There was a brief two week hiatus where he thought he had found a permanent boyfriend, but in typical Hickey fashion became a total clinger and that ended rather quickly and he texted me back right away.

Skaterboy....Does anyone remember Skaterboy...probably not but that is okay. Let me explain. He is the ice skater who I have had a huge crush on that I convinced myself was over after I saw him at the beach wearing shoes. However, that was a total lie. I still had a major crush on this guy and one day he actually rated me on okcupid. Apparently we both liked each I messaged him first. I NEVER do this and I was reminded of why when I did not hear back from him.... Nothing.

I think that is one of the worst feelings really. I knew this guy had at least preliminarily found me not atrocious so I took the first step and put myself out there and's worse then getting rejected. Its this horrible feeling of the unknown of whether or not they didn't get it or didn't like or changed their mind.

But it gets worse....yes it always gets worse with me. I went out with one of my female friends to Machine one night where I was accosted by Tiny. He was there with a group of his friends including SkaterBoy. SkaterBoy then proceeded to talk with myself and my lesbian friend for a majority of the night. My lesbian played excellent wing woman and more than once we were left alone chatting. I even called him out on not messaging me back on OkCupid and he responded that he thought I was a slut...a theory which was totally discredited by my able lesbian.

Then at the bar he grabbed my phone and put his number in it. I texted him that night to say I would text him in the morning about a proper date and he responded that he would be interested. Then the next morning came and I texted him soberly at brunch with my lesbian and didn't hear back at all. I waited and waited. I thought maybe he didn't get it or had his phone was a holiday weekend, maybe he was busy. Then that night I text him a second time...

Yes, that's right the always pathetic and ever desperate double text. Still no response. I felt like absolute shit. I just couldn't figure it out. Why would someone put their number in your phone if they are truly not interested? Why feign interest at the bar if you knew that it wasn't working for you? And why aren't you interested in me when you are sober? What is wrong with me? 

The worst part is that I follow the guy on Tumblr and he always complains about being alone. And that weekend was no different. Was the horrible way he felt about being alone really worse than accepting a date for a cup of coffee with me?

The spiral of insecurities that run through your head when something like this happens is pretty dazzling. I didn't realize how insecure I was when it came to my personal life until that moment. I texted my lesbian the next day and relayed the entire fiasco and she had the perfect response..."Well Fuck him...he was sort of a doucher anyways. I don't really get why you would like a twat like that."

It hit me then and there..."Fuck Him". Did I feel bad? Sure, but she was right, Fuck him. For all the bullshit that might be professed he really was a dick head. If he didn't want to go on a date with me then that was on him. Whatever bullshit perception he has of me is clearly wrong...since I am not a slut and I am a decent moving on....

There is another guy that I went on date with recently. I am going to call him Teeth. He is a bouncer at a local gay bar and asked me out after a clinic. He is the type of guy who a lot of people don't perceive as being gay. He is a sports guy, wears the baseball hats, dresses like a Revere white gangster, and talks like he is from the hood. He has two jobs. He takes care of his mother who has dementia/ early onset alzheimer's. He seems to be a really nice guy. We grabbed a drink at the 99 in Revere and the conversation was pleasant enough. And then I started to figure out the bad things...I know I feel like Seinfeld sometimes but there is always something.

His teeth made the British dentistry system look like it was setting the highest standards for the world. I know I shouldn't care, and I really don't but the teeth were bad. On top of the bad teeth he told me that his ex-partner died of a drug overdose and that he has a history of addiction with benzos and cocaine...Yea I'm not really sure what I was thinking. He has been clean for over 8 years though and seems to have his shit together.

I drove him home and actually got out of the car and met his mother. She is definitely a lot sicker than he thinks she is, but I most certainly didn't have the heart to tell him that. His house is small and he lives upstair essentially alone, with his mother staying only downstairs. He has both a rabbit and a chinchilla, which look remarkably healthy. You can tell that he pretty much lives from paycheck to paycheck, which made me feel even better about paying for drinks at the 99.

We fooled around a little bit. Nothing crazy, but I was horny and he was really nice and clearly expected something. I was very clear we would not be having sex, and he was actually very respectful of that because he wanted a second real date. I get the feeling he doesn't go out on many real dates with people given his crazy schedule and lack of available monies. I will end up going out on another real date with him for sure, but I'm almost positive we aren't compatible. He is very touchy feely...but in a cuddler kind of way. Its actually odd...despite his rough and tough straight guy bouncer exterior he wants to cuddle and be little spoon essentially. It is a pretty odd dichotomy, but there was definitely just something off about the date.

I almost feel like he was trying to impress me or prove that he should be on a date with me. Maybe the second date will be different, but I can't date someone who doesn't have a sense of self-worth. I think we could actually be pretty good friends, but I don't know that the romantic chemistry is really there. There is also the other issue of trying to figure out a time between our busy schedules that we could go on a second date. We shall see....

And I think that is everyone and everything in a nutshell. I have another date with someone next week and will do my best to update afterward.

Until then....


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Meeting the Roommates

So I am back from FaceBiter's place and I am happy to report that it went really well. I got there a little after 7:30p as promised with a bottle of wine. We started cooking right away, well he started cooking and I chopped up some onions. While he was cooking I was just watching him in his element enjoying a glass of wine and talking it. It was pretty nice. Then throughout the time that we were making dinner, not I am using the word we very loosely here, his roommates trickled in one by one.

He lives with three different guys. One is a really nice but quiet Canadian. He has a girlfriend, but she lives in Canada....and I also think that maybe that song from the musical Avenue Q applies here so I am putting the video below for you all to enjoy:
In addition to the Canadian roommate he also has a Jewish roommate from Michigan who is pretty awkward and hipster like. He is probably the most MITesque of everyone in the apartment....He was wearing a snap button down with Unicorns patched onto the shoulders. And then there is a another roommate who actually shares my name but is from TX and has actually worked in the oil industry as well. His roommates are all really nice and seem to be just genuinely good people. In addition to his roommates I also got to meet his best girlfriend who is a fairly quiet Ginger.

Dinner was wonderful...a seafood and chicken risotto and a spinach salad. Everyone ate around the kitchen table family style and it was nice to get a feel for what he was like with his friends. I was doing my best to get along with everyone.

At some point I was made to sign an American flag that is hanging in their living room. It is apparently a tradition for anyone who comes into their house to sign the flag and then indicate where in the US/world they are from originally. I was actually glad to see that FaceBiter got along so well with his roommates. I definitely felt like a couple times my interaction with the FaceBiter was one of the first times they had ever seen two gay guys interact.

We ended up watching Team America (I know what a stupid movie) after dinner just for something to do. FaceBiter put his arm around me during the movie and one of his roommates made a comment (bro-shit) and he left his arm there and just sort of chuckled. When the movie was over all of his friends sort of filed out of the room and he turned and started making out with me. I kept kissing him for a little while and then realize I had to be getting home and I gave him a final peck good night and headed out.

Overall I think meeting his friends went over pretty well. I suppose only time will tell but I think that this may be a better match than I had at first anticipated. Hanging out together among his friends definitely seems to work. Going out to dinner also seems to work. The sex stuff needs to be worked out, but I'm sure with time that will come. The only other things to test out are how he does with my friends which is always a bit more difficult and how he does out together to some place besides dinner.

Well that's my update for now....

Until Next Time!

From Face Biting to Toe Sucking

I've been SUPER busy at work lately. Between both jobs I have not really had any time to do anything on my own including some of those things that guys find so basic to everyday life. Luckily I usually can find time on the weekends to relax and deal with the things I have been putting off all week.

I got a text message from Hickey this week apologizing for pushing me away. The funny thing about this is I was unaware that it was even happening. In retrospect I guess I hadn't heard from him in a while, but I honestly didn't even realize it because I had been so busy. Ultimately, I made plans with Hickey to meet up on Saturday and just fool around in our usual fashion. He actually made a request that I save up for him, if you catch my drift, and I of course complied. I'm all about trying to appease the person I'm with and I'm not above giving up some of the normal occurrences of life if it means I am going to get some and the person I fool around with will be happier for it.

Unfortunately, I had to work Friday night so I figured Saturday might be a little rough, but it was the only day I still had available. I would also just like to say working outside of a gay club doing testing when I was planning on having sex the next day was just not really fun. All of the patients who were flirting with me definitely found me flirting back, which probably wasn't professional, but it definitely helped in securing more patients.

I digress....Saturday morning came around and I contacted Hickey about getting together and did not hear back. After five days of waiting this was definitely not a good situation for me. I tried him on Facebook and eventually got an answer. He was busy with some sort of family emergency and would not be able to see me. Fucking Awesome! I was dying I was so so SO SO horny. The kicker is I figured out after the fact that there really was no family emergency Hickey was getting a tattoo...

I suppose it's really my own fault. I know that Hickey has feelings for me beyond just being a fuck buddy. I have tried to be very honest with him that I can not reciprocate those feelings, but I have been definitely taking advantage of the fact that he has those feelings for me. I think he is getting to the point where it really is not a health thing for him anymore and I suppose I should really respect that. He likes the idea of being able to be a fuck buddy with me but the feelings he has for me are quickly going to go from fondness to bitterness if I'm not careful.

Around 1:00p I realized that there was really no point in me wasting 5 days of pent up frustration on my right hand so I texted the FaceBiter. I know...Probably not the best move. We had a date/Still do have a date planned for tonight. He is making dinner and we are going to watch a movie. But I figured maybe he wouldn't mind fooling around a little bit on a Saturday afternoon. 

He responded almost instantly and told me that he would have his whole place to himself around 3 if I could come by then. I obliged and waited. It took me probably 20 minutes to find a parking spot by his place in Inman Square but eventually I did. He showed me around his apartment, which is nice, but very I'm a grad student with limited resources. There are four guys that I think live there and the apartment definitely had a bro-atmosphere to it. I now understand why people see my apartment and think it is so grown up. Everything is clean, and tidy, and we have home accessories. The perks of a gay guy, three girls, and an ICU nurse in one apartment I suppose. 

After a quick tour of the house we ended up in his room making out. He is still a FaceBiter and actually made a point to ask me to not shave before tomorrow and let my facial hair grow a little bit more. This is funny to me for a few reasons. One is that I am incredibly lazy when it comes to my facial hair and I really do find shaving to be a big pain in the ass. Two is that my family, my mother and father, both hate me with any sort of facial hair. Three is that I don't really think my facial hair grows evenly. I am not one of the lucky guys that looks good with a bit of scruff. I look like I am a homeless Latino vagrant not a sexy plaid-wearing lumberjack. 


The making out quickly turned into fooling around. Before I knew it we were both taking off our clothes. I started by blowing him and he was even more appreciative this time then he was the first time. I just kept getting compliments from him and I had to stop pretty quickly to make sure that I didn't ruin all the fun too early. He tried to go in to return the favor, but I just kept remembering the teeth and pretty creatively was able to avoid that situation. 

After about 15-20 minutes of fooling around he finally decided it was time to fuck. He pulled a condom out of his drawer and warned me that I was the biggest guy he had ever been with sexually. I was floored. My dick is not big, by any means so the whole situation was a bit of a shocker to me. I knowingly nodded and let him know that I would be gentle and do my best not to hurt him. Eventually after several minutes of trying I finally was able to get in, but after maybe 5 minutes of actual fucking he just couldn't take it anymore. I pulled out and insisted that it was absolutely fine. We didn't have to fuck. 

However, I did try and get him to switch it up and fuck me. To be honest his dick is pretty small and I wasn't particularly worried about being able to take it. He threw on a condom lubed up, but just couldn't really get inside me. It was odd. It wasn't that I was in pain it was almost as if he my ass was too fat and his dick was too small. I've never encountered this problem before actually. But in almost every angle my ass appeared to keep his dick from inserting more than just the head inside me. Eventually he gave up. I think the combination of him not being a top and not really being able to figure out the right angle to get his dick inside me properly was pretty discouraging for him. I again insisted that it was good and that we could do something else in place of actually fucking. 

It was at this point that he really wanted to just lick me. I really didn't give this much thought as licking tends to be an essential part of hooking up in the gay world. In fact licking from my neck down my torso to my genitals all tended to be pretty standard gay fare until he kept licking. All of a sudden he was licking down my thighs well past my point of my crotch. He then started to lick right over my knees.

Fun fact I have highly sensitive knees. I always have. If you're trying to get me particularly turned on there is little you can do more than stroking my knees to give me an instant hard on.

As he continued to lick past my knees and hold my calf he slowly slid off the sock on my right foot. Then before I knew it he was licking my foot. Then my toes were in his mouth and he was jerking off like there was no tomorrow. While he was sucking my toes was actually the hardest I had ever seen his cock. It seemed that my toes and feet were his secret trick to getting really turned on. 

I don't particularly get anything out of someone licking my feet or toes. It's not a turn on and it's not really a turn off either. It's a neutral for me. But I do find it funny that I keep finding these guys with odd sexual fetishes. I'm not sure if I just attract freaks or if I drag the freak out of everyone that I meet. It's like the eternal struggle of what came first the chicken or the egg. 

After he sucked on my toes he came back up to my mouth and asked me if I would let him suck my dick now. There was no more avoiding it so I laid back and prepared myself. Then I was pleasantly surprised. he is actually quite a decent dick sucker. He even gagged himself a little bit on my cock, which is almost always hot and appreciated. Apparently when he is sober the gay genes kick in and he inherently remembers how to appropriately suck dick and live up to his stereotype. I enjoyed the dick sucking for a few minutes and that felt I had to warn him about what was to come. 

Normally I have a decent load and I suspected that after 5 days of pent up frustration and being pretty well hydrated that he should at least be warned. I mean you don't want to be convicted of manslaughter by drowning during fellatio, right? He of course ignored my warning and we went back to fooling around. I finished him off pretty quickly by blowing him and then he wanted to make me cum. So we continued fooling around and then all of a sudden I came. It shot well above my head a few times and hit my shoulder until he threw his face in front of my spasming dick and took shot after shot on his cheek. When he finally thought it was over he took his face away and I shot twice more onto my stomach. He looked at me in shock and awe. I immediately apologized as I had gotten his comforter covered in cum and he had quite a bit dripping from his face. He laughed and said, "Well you warned me I just wasn't expecting that" 

We hopped in the shower and cleaned off and then went back to his room where we began dressing.

I almost always find that I have the best conversations with people directly after we have both cum. I think its something about the sexual tension being lifted out of the room that just makes the whole thing a little bit easier. 

We talked for another 10 minutes about politics and life before I finally made a point to say I had to go. I think its important that I didn't stay longer than I planned. Since we are also seeing each other tonight I didn't want to make him think that things were moving too fast and then as I was putting on my shoes I realized that probably was not going to be a  problem. 

FaceBiter asked me if I would want to go to NY to go skiing with him next weekend. Yes the guy who I had been on, let's say, 1.5 dates with wanted to take me away for the weekend. I was flattered, but immediately wanted to run out of his house. It just seemed like such a commitment especially since I had really just met him. Suppose I found out that he was super weird in some way while we were away together and then I was stuck in a different state with no real means of getting home. My mama might have raised some babies with questionable values, but I'll be damned if she raised an idiot. I quickly pointed out that I thought a joint trip was probably not a great idea this early on and he seemed to agree.

Then I went home and contemplated what exactly I was getting myself into with this guy. I mean he is cute, around my age, and clearly very smart, but he is moving at a very fast pace for someone like me. Tonight I am going over to his place so he can make me dinner and we can watch a movie. I assume all of his roommates will be there as it is a Sunday night and I can't imagine that they have anywhere else to be being MIT grad students and all. So I guess we shall see how tonight goes. I will be sure to report back and maybe I will have a better sense of how long this will continue on for after dinner. I suppose I can always use my trip to the Dominican Republic as a way to get rid of him in the worst case scenario.

I'll write later tonight!