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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Il Paradiso

It always comes to a head at Paradise. Something that I think almost every Boston gay can relate to in their own very special way. Well it was the first block party that I was able to go to without having to work the van....a special occasion to say the least. 

I went with my Gayggle of course. While we were there who did I see but Othello. He came right up and gave me a hug. And truth be told my stomach still totally did a little somersault. Then he hugged  two other people in my Gayggle as if he knew them. That was when I found out that he did know one of them. A member of my gayggle had actually fucked him....not only did he fuck him but apparently Othello shit on his dick. I mean I can't make this shit up....And it was in the moment of hearing them talk about Othello and how thirsty he was that I realized it wasn't meant to be. That right now that is not who I should be with and it is most certainly not who I should be with in the months to come. 

Then almost like clockwork Prof walked by with his Gayggle. They said hello and I got a quick hug but it was definitely confirmation that we were both okay with being a former thing. A past fun event and a mutual understanding that we probably shouldn't be together. 

As the night went on I saw several other young gay guys that I had tested and I had gone to school with and for once I felt no pressure to hook up with anyone. I was perfectly happy being drunk and dancing. It happens every once in a while but this was the first time it happened when there were people who I had dated and actually considered viable dating options previously. 

It was at this point that I decided it was time to head back out onto the dating seen and give OkC another try. 

Until Next Time....