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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Meeting the Roommates

So I am back from FaceBiter's place and I am happy to report that it went really well. I got there a little after 7:30p as promised with a bottle of wine. We started cooking right away, well he started cooking and I chopped up some onions. While he was cooking I was just watching him in his element enjoying a glass of wine and talking it. It was pretty nice. Then throughout the time that we were making dinner, not I am using the word we very loosely here, his roommates trickled in one by one.

He lives with three different guys. One is a really nice but quiet Canadian. He has a girlfriend, but she lives in Canada....and I also think that maybe that song from the musical Avenue Q applies here so I am putting the video below for you all to enjoy:
In addition to the Canadian roommate he also has a Jewish roommate from Michigan who is pretty awkward and hipster like. He is probably the most MITesque of everyone in the apartment....He was wearing a snap button down with Unicorns patched onto the shoulders. And then there is a another roommate who actually shares my name but is from TX and has actually worked in the oil industry as well. His roommates are all really nice and seem to be just genuinely good people. In addition to his roommates I also got to meet his best girlfriend who is a fairly quiet Ginger.

Dinner was wonderful...a seafood and chicken risotto and a spinach salad. Everyone ate around the kitchen table family style and it was nice to get a feel for what he was like with his friends. I was doing my best to get along with everyone.

At some point I was made to sign an American flag that is hanging in their living room. It is apparently a tradition for anyone who comes into their house to sign the flag and then indicate where in the US/world they are from originally. I was actually glad to see that FaceBiter got along so well with his roommates. I definitely felt like a couple times my interaction with the FaceBiter was one of the first times they had ever seen two gay guys interact.

We ended up watching Team America (I know what a stupid movie) after dinner just for something to do. FaceBiter put his arm around me during the movie and one of his roommates made a comment (bro-shit) and he left his arm there and just sort of chuckled. When the movie was over all of his friends sort of filed out of the room and he turned and started making out with me. I kept kissing him for a little while and then realize I had to be getting home and I gave him a final peck good night and headed out.

Overall I think meeting his friends went over pretty well. I suppose only time will tell but I think that this may be a better match than I had at first anticipated. Hanging out together among his friends definitely seems to work. Going out to dinner also seems to work. The sex stuff needs to be worked out, but I'm sure with time that will come. The only other things to test out are how he does with my friends which is always a bit more difficult and how he does out together to some place besides dinner.

Well that's my update for now....

Until Next Time!

From Face Biting to Toe Sucking

I've been SUPER busy at work lately. Between both jobs I have not really had any time to do anything on my own including some of those things that guys find so basic to everyday life. Luckily I usually can find time on the weekends to relax and deal with the things I have been putting off all week.

I got a text message from Hickey this week apologizing for pushing me away. The funny thing about this is I was unaware that it was even happening. In retrospect I guess I hadn't heard from him in a while, but I honestly didn't even realize it because I had been so busy. Ultimately, I made plans with Hickey to meet up on Saturday and just fool around in our usual fashion. He actually made a request that I save up for him, if you catch my drift, and I of course complied. I'm all about trying to appease the person I'm with and I'm not above giving up some of the normal occurrences of life if it means I am going to get some and the person I fool around with will be happier for it.

Unfortunately, I had to work Friday night so I figured Saturday might be a little rough, but it was the only day I still had available. I would also just like to say working outside of a gay club doing testing when I was planning on having sex the next day was just not really fun. All of the patients who were flirting with me definitely found me flirting back, which probably wasn't professional, but it definitely helped in securing more patients.

I digress....Saturday morning came around and I contacted Hickey about getting together and did not hear back. After five days of waiting this was definitely not a good situation for me. I tried him on Facebook and eventually got an answer. He was busy with some sort of family emergency and would not be able to see me. Fucking Awesome! I was dying I was so so SO SO horny. The kicker is I figured out after the fact that there really was no family emergency Hickey was getting a tattoo...

I suppose it's really my own fault. I know that Hickey has feelings for me beyond just being a fuck buddy. I have tried to be very honest with him that I can not reciprocate those feelings, but I have been definitely taking advantage of the fact that he has those feelings for me. I think he is getting to the point where it really is not a health thing for him anymore and I suppose I should really respect that. He likes the idea of being able to be a fuck buddy with me but the feelings he has for me are quickly going to go from fondness to bitterness if I'm not careful.

Around 1:00p I realized that there was really no point in me wasting 5 days of pent up frustration on my right hand so I texted the FaceBiter. I know...Probably not the best move. We had a date/Still do have a date planned for tonight. He is making dinner and we are going to watch a movie. But I figured maybe he wouldn't mind fooling around a little bit on a Saturday afternoon. 

He responded almost instantly and told me that he would have his whole place to himself around 3 if I could come by then. I obliged and waited. It took me probably 20 minutes to find a parking spot by his place in Inman Square but eventually I did. He showed me around his apartment, which is nice, but very I'm a grad student with limited resources. There are four guys that I think live there and the apartment definitely had a bro-atmosphere to it. I now understand why people see my apartment and think it is so grown up. Everything is clean, and tidy, and we have home accessories. The perks of a gay guy, three girls, and an ICU nurse in one apartment I suppose. 

After a quick tour of the house we ended up in his room making out. He is still a FaceBiter and actually made a point to ask me to not shave before tomorrow and let my facial hair grow a little bit more. This is funny to me for a few reasons. One is that I am incredibly lazy when it comes to my facial hair and I really do find shaving to be a big pain in the ass. Two is that my family, my mother and father, both hate me with any sort of facial hair. Three is that I don't really think my facial hair grows evenly. I am not one of the lucky guys that looks good with a bit of scruff. I look like I am a homeless Latino vagrant not a sexy plaid-wearing lumberjack. 


The making out quickly turned into fooling around. Before I knew it we were both taking off our clothes. I started by blowing him and he was even more appreciative this time then he was the first time. I just kept getting compliments from him and I had to stop pretty quickly to make sure that I didn't ruin all the fun too early. He tried to go in to return the favor, but I just kept remembering the teeth and pretty creatively was able to avoid that situation. 

After about 15-20 minutes of fooling around he finally decided it was time to fuck. He pulled a condom out of his drawer and warned me that I was the biggest guy he had ever been with sexually. I was floored. My dick is not big, by any means so the whole situation was a bit of a shocker to me. I knowingly nodded and let him know that I would be gentle and do my best not to hurt him. Eventually after several minutes of trying I finally was able to get in, but after maybe 5 minutes of actual fucking he just couldn't take it anymore. I pulled out and insisted that it was absolutely fine. We didn't have to fuck. 

However, I did try and get him to switch it up and fuck me. To be honest his dick is pretty small and I wasn't particularly worried about being able to take it. He threw on a condom lubed up, but just couldn't really get inside me. It was odd. It wasn't that I was in pain it was almost as if he my ass was too fat and his dick was too small. I've never encountered this problem before actually. But in almost every angle my ass appeared to keep his dick from inserting more than just the head inside me. Eventually he gave up. I think the combination of him not being a top and not really being able to figure out the right angle to get his dick inside me properly was pretty discouraging for him. I again insisted that it was good and that we could do something else in place of actually fucking. 

It was at this point that he really wanted to just lick me. I really didn't give this much thought as licking tends to be an essential part of hooking up in the gay world. In fact licking from my neck down my torso to my genitals all tended to be pretty standard gay fare until he kept licking. All of a sudden he was licking down my thighs well past my point of my crotch. He then started to lick right over my knees.

Fun fact I have highly sensitive knees. I always have. If you're trying to get me particularly turned on there is little you can do more than stroking my knees to give me an instant hard on.

As he continued to lick past my knees and hold my calf he slowly slid off the sock on my right foot. Then before I knew it he was licking my foot. Then my toes were in his mouth and he was jerking off like there was no tomorrow. While he was sucking my toes was actually the hardest I had ever seen his cock. It seemed that my toes and feet were his secret trick to getting really turned on. 

I don't particularly get anything out of someone licking my feet or toes. It's not a turn on and it's not really a turn off either. It's a neutral for me. But I do find it funny that I keep finding these guys with odd sexual fetishes. I'm not sure if I just attract freaks or if I drag the freak out of everyone that I meet. It's like the eternal struggle of what came first the chicken or the egg. 

After he sucked on my toes he came back up to my mouth and asked me if I would let him suck my dick now. There was no more avoiding it so I laid back and prepared myself. Then I was pleasantly surprised. he is actually quite a decent dick sucker. He even gagged himself a little bit on my cock, which is almost always hot and appreciated. Apparently when he is sober the gay genes kick in and he inherently remembers how to appropriately suck dick and live up to his stereotype. I enjoyed the dick sucking for a few minutes and that felt I had to warn him about what was to come. 

Normally I have a decent load and I suspected that after 5 days of pent up frustration and being pretty well hydrated that he should at least be warned. I mean you don't want to be convicted of manslaughter by drowning during fellatio, right? He of course ignored my warning and we went back to fooling around. I finished him off pretty quickly by blowing him and then he wanted to make me cum. So we continued fooling around and then all of a sudden I came. It shot well above my head a few times and hit my shoulder until he threw his face in front of my spasming dick and took shot after shot on his cheek. When he finally thought it was over he took his face away and I shot twice more onto my stomach. He looked at me in shock and awe. I immediately apologized as I had gotten his comforter covered in cum and he had quite a bit dripping from his face. He laughed and said, "Well you warned me I just wasn't expecting that" 

We hopped in the shower and cleaned off and then went back to his room where we began dressing.

I almost always find that I have the best conversations with people directly after we have both cum. I think its something about the sexual tension being lifted out of the room that just makes the whole thing a little bit easier. 

We talked for another 10 minutes about politics and life before I finally made a point to say I had to go. I think its important that I didn't stay longer than I planned. Since we are also seeing each other tonight I didn't want to make him think that things were moving too fast and then as I was putting on my shoes I realized that probably was not going to be a  problem. 

FaceBiter asked me if I would want to go to NY to go skiing with him next weekend. Yes the guy who I had been on, let's say, 1.5 dates with wanted to take me away for the weekend. I was flattered, but immediately wanted to run out of his house. It just seemed like such a commitment especially since I had really just met him. Suppose I found out that he was super weird in some way while we were away together and then I was stuck in a different state with no real means of getting home. My mama might have raised some babies with questionable values, but I'll be damned if she raised an idiot. I quickly pointed out that I thought a joint trip was probably not a great idea this early on and he seemed to agree.

Then I went home and contemplated what exactly I was getting myself into with this guy. I mean he is cute, around my age, and clearly very smart, but he is moving at a very fast pace for someone like me. Tonight I am going over to his place so he can make me dinner and we can watch a movie. I assume all of his roommates will be there as it is a Sunday night and I can't imagine that they have anywhere else to be being MIT grad students and all. So I guess we shall see how tonight goes. I will be sure to report back and maybe I will have a better sense of how long this will continue on for after dinner. I suppose I can always use my trip to the Dominican Republic as a way to get rid of him in the worst case scenario.

I'll write later tonight!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Call DCF I've Been Neglecting You

I don't even know where to begin really. I had so many plans for blogging in January and absolutely none of them came to fruition. 2014 is going to be one hell of a year...I can tell already.

Let me begin by saying that the reason I haven't blogged is not because I have been so inundated by dates or a one particular man that I have completely forgotten that it exists....quite the contrary. I started a second job working inpatient at another hospital in the city and I have barely even had time to think for the past month. Every time I sat down to write it seemed that I would either fall asleep or just have nothing to say. Its the eternal problem with my dating life really...I'm all about the job!

I was sure in trying to come up with a plan for 2014 that this would be the year I would finally get my personal life together. I've actually started going to the gym on a regular basis. I was finally feeling that I had my one job completely under control. I even had my little side projects well managed. Then I added the second job into the mix and everything seemed to shift slightly. I'm pretty sure after February things will probably calm down again and I will feel like I have a manageable workload and I can actually attempt dating like a real person again. Until then it is taking a back seat, per usual.

Well back to the updates and then I will continue to extrapolate on the reasons why I always choose my job and my academic life over dating.

I am still talking to the IndyGinger almost four months after meeting him. The conversations tend to be focused on him and I am okay with that. It's nice to talk to someone who calls me. He generally initiates the conversation whether on Facebook, text, or an actual phone call and I really like that a lot. It's too bad that he lives so far away. It's also too bad that he really does have a lot of self-esteem and depression stuff to overcome. I can only imagine the kind of psychological problems I would face having grown up in Kentucky so the fact that the guy is still standing at the end of everyday is amazing to me.

Unfortunately, the more I talk to the IndyGinger the more I am sure I am using him as a means of not going out and meeting new people. He is just another tool in this commitment phobe's toolbox. I mean there is no need for me to go out and strike up a conversation with someone interesting at the gym if I know I can go home and text a friend about it. I think that the IndyGinger may be using me as much as a tool in the commitment phobe toolbox as I'm using him. I'm sure talking to him everyday for the last week probably is not the best thing in the world to help my dating life. Oh well, for right now I am not going to push it. I'm just going to enjoy the fact that I have a friend who is easy to talk to and who only exists electronically....maybe one day he will get Skype and I'll actually be able to see him face to face.

This past weekend was a big fundraiser for the young gays of Boston so naturally I managed to get myself a free ticket. One of my lesbians called me last minute and insisted I accompany her as it was my chance to meet "Out-Gays-Who-Have-Their-Shit-Together". I went because quite frankly I wasn't doing anything else.

The event was held at the Revere Hotel in Downtown Boston and let me just say "Damn do the Homos know how to throw a fundraiser." There was a bar the minute you walked in and a second one in the giant warehouse like room beyond, there was an aerialist, there were veggie burger sliders, and there was of course a pretty cool DJ. I had a great time between the people I was with, the amount of gin I was consuming, and the music that was playing my Saturday was awesome.

Then as I was walking to pee I saw BRP. I should have known that he would be there as one of the politico-look-at-me-I'm-Important-Gays, but I didn't really come up with any sort of escape plan. Luckily, my lesbians are great and were able to hide me for the entirety of the night from him and any guy that I was not interested in talking to about some mundane chit chat. One guy had the balls the whole night to come talk with me standing among my lesbians and I have to say I wasn't annoyed at all . It was actually a residence director from one of the universities in Boston who I have always thought was cute. It's nice to know that people like that can at least be interested in you and are willing to bear the Birkenstocks to talk to you.

After the fundraiser ended we grabbed our coats and headed to the Liquor Store for a GQB event. I met up with one of my old college roommates in line waiting to get in and we ended up going together with some friends he met at a gay conference at Harvard. I got right into the club because I had a bracelet from the other fundraising event and left my ex-roommate and his new found friends at the door. Once I realized I had made it to the coat check without them I turned around and began trying to figure out where they went. I was walking up a narrow staircase next to a mechanical bull when I practically walked into BRP.

I had been doing so well at avoiding him at the other event it never even occurred to me that he may have transitioned over to this bar along with the rest of the hordes. Before I had even processed what was happening BRP physically lifted me off of the ground and held me in his arms smiling this big cheeky grin saying, "I've missed you." Almost as if it was an instinct my legs wrapped around his body and my arms flew around his neck. He looked up into my eyes and asked for a kiss.

I want everyone to take a minute and think about what this scene looks like. I am in a bar surrounded by a bunch of homos for the GQB night, a bunch of really confused straight people because its GQB night, I have a mechanical bull to my left, I have a line of people in front of me and behind me, and there is a stage to the right of me with two stripper poles, and here I am on the first step of a narrow staircase literally wrapped up in the arms of BRP. I had no other option....I gave him a quick peck on the lips and moved my hands for around his head to his chest and light hit him so as to make the point it was time to let me down because I had paid the troll my toll to cross his bridge. He obliged and I told him I was trying to find my friend and scurried off. I didn't see him the rest of the night.

Really the rest of the night went off without any problems. No problems and no action either....sort of a double edged sword. It was weird though as there were definitely people who appeared to be checking me out but nobody would even come and say hi. Whether that was because they had seen BRP lift me up, were afraid, or I had something stuck in my teeth is something that is still up for debate, but whatever the reason I wasn't totally offended by the result. It's nice to go out with friends and not get hit on sometimes.

I should mention that I did manage to go on one real date in January. I met this guy on OKC of course because I don't tend to meet anyone in person anymore who has the balls to actually ask me out. I think the appropriate nickname for this guy is the FaceBiter.

Allow me to explain: The FaceBiter is one of those guys who really enjoys the feel of facial hair/scruff. He likes the idea so much in fact that he rubbed his face against my 5 o'clock shadow and actually bit my chin or my cheek more than twice throughout the night.

A little more on the FaceBiter. It was actually one of those really easy good first dates. We met at Mike's in Davis Square after I worked all day and he had been in class. He beat me to the restaurant (no shocker there). He went in though and didn't sit down. He simply just waited for me to arrive before we went and got a seat. He is a pretty good catch beyond the face biting stuff. He is probably 6'1", heavier than me but not fat, he is Venezuelan, goes to MIT and works on Internet Policy, and he laughed at everything I said.

I really do enjoy having a sense of humor and making jokes out of everything, particularly those kinds of things which most people don't typically find funny. My brand of humor is a lot like me, either you get it and you love it or you don't get it and find it horribly offensive. He got it and laughed at some things that I didn't even intend to be jokes. We split a pitcher of beer and just talked for almost two hours. There was only one point in the conversation where one of my red flags went up. We were talking about how often/how much alcohol we drank when he told me he has about 20 drinks/week. In the moment I nodded and shook my head, but I was immediately comparing him to the alcoholic patients I treat in my work. 20 drinks/week is a pretty good amount of booze for one person every week and it is definitely over the recommended number of drinks per week.

In typical fashion after a semi good first date (by semi-good I mean no disclosure of past felonies) I invited him back to my place for another beer. Sitting on my couch enjoying a Blue Moon he made a move and actually started kissing me. We made out on the couch for a good 15 minutes until I finally made the suggestion to move to my bedroom. This was both because I thought it would be more comfortable for us, but it was also so my Fag Hag's straight boyfriend could walk about the house without having to see to guys make out. It's not that he is homophobic, but I am his first real foray into having a gay friend and we are still a little early in the game for him to be watching two dudes make out on the couch in front of him. I'll get him there, no worries, but all in time.

FaceBiter and I didn't have sex. We continued to hook up for about 2 hours, at first just playing around and then trading blowjobs. It was at this point where I found two more strikes against the FaceBiter. The first was that his dick was just not really what I am looking for in a man. It's not that his dick is to small, but rather its the proportions. It's on the short side and thick with a weirdly shaped shaft. The other strike against the FaceBiter was his use of his teeth during a blowjob.

The blowjob issue is rather amusing. FaceBiter loves to give head and LOVES to deep throat but every time my dick actually got into his throat it seemed like my dick would suddenly feel a bunch of little teeth around the base of the shaft. It was really disappointing. I was hoping that it would be one of his best assets....but I was wrong.

He claims that he is vers but judging on our interaction that boy is a sub bottom. He really wanted me to fuck him but luckily I was able to keep that in check and insist that he wait until next time. We played around. He came then he worked me over until I did and then we both passed out in my bed. The next morning I woke him up, we showered, and I dropped him off at home. He was going away the next weekend and wanted to know if he could see me again before that.....I wasn't able to make any plans but we have tentative plans for dinner this weekend. We'll see if that happens although I am less than optimistic since I have a bit of work to catch up on.

And with that I think everyone is caught up and I am now sufficiently tired enough to go to bed.

I promise another update very soon....

Until Next Time!