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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hickey Part Deux

After our second rendezvous Hickey sort of turned into a stage 5 clinger, and by sort of I mean 'beyond a shadow of a doubt'. This guy texted me every day after our second date. At first it was nice and cute...and then the text messages kept coming, and each subsequent text message kept getting longer, and more sappy, until before you knew it I was getting things like this:

"Its okay. I know your a busy man. I'm very patient. :) I'm just glad to know that your okay. I miss you a lot."

and this:

"I don't have any plans either but I was gonna ask you to be my Valentine." and when I responded I don't really do the Valentine's day thing I received...."LMAO its okay. I don't really do Valentine's day either. I was just kidding. And I don't hate you I was telling my coworkers, love stinks. When am I gonna see you?"

And then on Valentine's Day I got this:

"Happy Valentine's Day my love. Hope your day is filled with lots and lots of love. From me to you. Hugs and Kisses....(cute pet name that I will spare you that Hickey has given to himself)."

I'm thinking that all of those things equate to at least a stage 5 clinger right? But I digress, I decided that I would make some time for an evening type date....maybe a drink and an appetizer kind of a thing. And away we went to a very popular place near the Fenway called Landsdowne Pub its a great place with some decent food. Well on a Thursday at 5:30 with the threat of snow...the place was dead...I mean DEAD. Like there were three times as many people working there as there was customers in the whole place. That made the whole beginning of the date a little awkward.

Then as the date progressed...Hickey didn't want a drink and didn't want to eat anything. Meanwhile I had ordered a beer before Hickey even showed up and had been eyeing a plate of fries and gravy since I walked in. So now I felt fat and like alcoholic but that wasn't even the worst part. The worst part was that Hickey didn't talk. It was like the awkward first date all over again. He kept staring at me with these blank expressions, giggling, and then looking down. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I simply asked him what the deal was. He dismissed my question and claimed that there was nothing and then finally came clean and asked me about KFlip...

The guy was still stuck on the fact that I wasn't exclusively dating him after only two dates. I mean come on right? Maybe its me, but that seems absolutely INSANE. When I informed Hickey that I hadn't heard from KFlip in almost two weeks (WOMP WOMP...ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST) He got this big smile on his face and then began talking like a bubbly school girl. 

When we left the restaurant I had every intention of sending Hickey on his way with maybe a goodnight kiss but that was about it. My plan was to redirect the stage 5 clinger slowly with a normal date with no physical intimacy. Well that was going well until we ended up going back to my school to unlock a piano for one of my friends...(For the record that is not an innuendo for anything the pianos at my school actually require a key that only certain people have its pretty ridiculous actually) 

While waiting for someone to show up we started kissing. Not even two minutes into the kissing the dirty talk started. All of a sudden the quiet guy from the pub became the dirtiest talking motherfucker I have come across in a long time, but I was still sticking to my guns about the physical intimacy thing....and then he said something that just made my toes curl..."I want to bite your dick and suck on your asshole like a vacuum." Now to be honest I really have no true interest in either one of those things ever occurring to me, but in the heat of the moment that kind of dirty talk totally got me going. And before I knew what I was doing we were in my dorm room going at it.

I was still planning on holding my ground, but something during the hooking up came over me and before I knew it we were having sex. Condoms were used of course because while I am all about breaking my dry spell I was not about breaking my record for 100% condom use 100% of the time. (I'm such a good little doobie) And the sex was GREAT!

 Honestly, I'm saying that, but I'm not even positive. I haven't had sex in so long I could have had absolutely terrible sex and I still probably though it was pretty good. But if I am truly recalling correctly this was some pretty great sex. Hickey has a nice sized dick, a dirty mouth, a rough approach, and was willing to both top and bottom, which totally made my fucking day. I really do love someone who is as versatile as I am....I'm not really sure he is....actually I am pretty sure he is more of a top, but whatever he let me fuck him so I am going to pretend he is a true vers like me. 

After the sex and post-coital cordialities had been expressed I broke Hickey's total euphoric state and warned him..."No crazy...I fucked you but that means you can't become crazy." I mean that was probably pretty mean, but I didn't want to risk the stage 5 clinger become a full-fledged stage 12...I always think frankness is the best policy. 

I'm proud to say it worked too! I texted Hickey to make sure he got home and then he didn't text me again until I talked to him 3 days after our date. Who knows maybe Hickey will turn out to be more than a friend after all?

Until Later!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

This is a DRUNK post....

Want to know what I am ABSOLUTELY sick of??? Drunk straight closeted frat bros hitting on me....

That's right! STOP!! I am over it...I no longer have the fantasy of the drunk straight guy asking me for a blowjob. I'm over it...I'm not turned on, I'm not automatically into you, I am not such a slut that I will blow you just because you're straight.

FUCK YOU! I am sick of your shit. Either come out and act like a normal gay person or don't. Stop trying to be straight but still get your dick wet from a guy.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Off to a Great Start...

Last time I posted on here I had been out on two dates with KFlip....I am sad to report that since the second date I have not been out with KFlip again. It sort of sucks. He had his life together. He was employed. He had his own very nice place. He was normal, but not boring. He was attractive. But I definitely think that second date scared him off. I mean we have texted back and forth a little but the reality is...I have that feeling that I am never going to see him again, which just sort of sucks. He definitely was great potential boyfriend material. I mean the worst thing about him was the fact that he wasn't really out

To be honest though I think that was probably why he started getting weird after our second date. I think he saw the potential I did between us and I really don't think he was ready for anything serious yet. I mean I was his first real date with a guy for God's sake. To be expected....My curse as a Gay-Starter Kit continues. I'll keep his number in my phone, but I think I am probably done putting the effort into the whole thing.

In the midst of trying to figure out whether or not I was ever going to see KFlip again I was asked out by someone who on paper should be perfect for me. I think I am going to call this guy Hickey

So Hickey is a fairly tall, skinny, black guy from Guyana.

For my geographically challenged is a map...It is a real place and its right there----->

Now that we have established where Hickey is from I should probably tell you a little bit more about him. He is 22 and is a medical assistant for a local healthcare agency. He is totally understanding of me being busy. He is nice. He is attractive. He is really nice and cute. And he is of December.....Hey its a step in the right direction for me!!

Our first date was a typical kind of first date for me. We went for coffee when he got out of work. And once again someone said yes to getting coffee on a first date despite not really liking coffee. Why do people do this? I mean I LOVE coffee so I can't imagine being asked out for coffee and that being a problem. However, if someone asks you out on a date where you have no interest in doing the date activity why would you say yes?? I just don't understand that. I mean if someone asked me on a gym date, I would absolutely offer a different idea I wouldn't just say yes no matter what the activity was. Maybe that is just me....maybe I am bitchier than I thought

I Hickey.... The first date ended rather nicely. We went up to the 16th floor of my dorm so he could get a view of the city and we sat and made out for a few minutes. Really the only problem with the first date was that fact that he mentioned his ex-boyfriend. That's not by any means a deal breaker for me, but I have come to find that anyone who mentions their ex on a first date probably has some issues from their previous relationship that will make it impossible for me to ever truly date them.

After our first date Hickey and I set up a time on Saturday to go see a movie. Now its important to know that I worked the overnight shift on Friday night so I thought a movie might be an easy second date because if you fall asleep during a movie you can pretty much lie your way out of that right? 

Well we were going to meet at the theater at 1:15 to catch a 1:30 movie....So I dragged my ass out of bed, despite only having had 5 hours of sleep and schlepped over to the movies. Then when I was standing outside of the theater in the freezing cold for almost 20 minutes I decided to text Hickey and find out what the fuck was going on. Turns out he got completely side tracked doing some errands and was running late....Cut to me still standing outside of the movie theater at 2:00 in the middle of winter on a busy Boston street. Needless to say I wasn't thrilled with the prospect of this date, but I did end up being pleasantly surprised. 

By the time Hickey ended up showing up I was sort of over the idea of seeing a movie and suggested we just grab lunch because I was starving and cold. Hickey of course apologized the whole way to the restaurant. We ended up going to the Beantown Pub, which is actually the place WASCJ....remember him??? Brought me for the date before I never heard from him again. After a really nice meal, I got breakfast and he got Fried chicken....I wish I could make that up....yes he is that black, we headed out and got coffee at one of my favorite date coffee places, The Thinking Cup. We then took our coffee and headed back to my place. He only mentioned his ex once the whole time actually which I took to be a good sign...although it was in reference to his ex possibly stalking his place of work now....Red flag, Maybe? Eh...Fuck it...

This date ended up going and going and going until probably 9:00 that same night. We spent hours just fooling around in my room. I had such a good time. I haven't done that in so sex just good old fashioned fooling around. He was really skinny, but had a very defined body. A nice sized uncut dick which is something I haven't had in a while. He was so dirty too! Such a nice change of pace from the people I have dated the past couple months. I mean he was definitely a bottom by nature but he had the ability to man up and be aggressive, which was nice. 

In terms of actual stuff that we did though...this boy was just filthy and he loved every second of it...which is always such a turn on for me. I mean, even if you're not dirty....if you can at least talk like you are you are already half way to getting me off, if truth be told. When we both finally finished it was quite the.....well lets just say I definitely had to wash my bed sheets afterwards. 

I'm sure you are all wondering based on what I just told you how this guy got the name Hickey....well here goes nothing. Probably two hours into hooking up Hickey stopped me and started asking me all sorts of questions about my intentions. I immediately responded that I had no intention of fucking him as we had only been on two dates..I almost immediately realized I had missed the point of the question. He wasn't talking about in the immediate future he meant....were we going to be in a relationship. 

I gave him the, "I'm really a commitment-phobe" speech without hesitation. He then asked if I was dating anyone else. And since I can never lie, even when it would probably spare someone's feelings getting hurt, I told him about KFlip. I could tell just from the look on his face that he was NOT happy. He acted as if I was cheating on him which is completely absurd since we were on our second date. After a few minutes I think he realized just how absurd it was and then it happened. He pinned me to my bed and started making out with me...Hot right? He then went for my neck and just started sucking and biting like he thought he was a vampire. I wasn't even a little worried about a hickey. I have literally never gotten one in my entire life...until then....I got cocky and got paid back almost immediately. After 5 minutes or so of some pretty intense neck biting or sucking....he pulled his mouth up...just like a vampire from True Blood when they are done feeding and looked at his handiwork. Then he looked and me and said, "Let the Filipino guy see that"

It was in that moment I knew this was never going to last. What a jealous fuck? I mean we have been on two dates and you are already trying to mark me as your territory. No matter how attractive I might find that kind of personal possessiveness I am definitely not feeling it after two dates. 

As it stand right now....Hickey and I are still speaking via text. I think he is a really good guy, but there are a few issues. Most importantly I think he is very recently out....which is probably why he is so jealous....and so into talking about where we are going in the future....and continues to talk about his first real boyfriend on every date we go on...

I guess there really is no telling what Valentine's month has in store for me....Maybe I will go out with KFlip again....Maybe I will go out with Hickey again....Maybe I will meet the love of my life on the T....who knows??