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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why Do People Think I'm a Street Worker?

I went in to visit a nurse friend of mine working at the homeless clinic at MGH today. While I was there one of the homeless women was yelling and screaming about something so loudly I didn't really even understand what she wanted so I asked, "What is it Hun? Can I help you with something? What do you need?"

Then the woman without skipping a beat turned to me and said, "Are you a street worker?" I apparently gave her a confused look and she responded again with, "Well it depends are you a street worker or are you on the medical team?"

That's right in the middle of the waiting room for the homeless clinic one of the patients thought I was a hooker. What is my LIFE??? Why does this keep happening to me? Is it something I say or do? Is it the way I walk?? 

Honestly the funniest part of the whole thing is that there were two options: I was either a hooker or a nurse on the medical team. How appropriate, right?

And with that I am off...

Until next time...


Coffee at Harvard....

I've totally forgotten to tell you about my second date with the Harvard Gaymer! There was a lot going on this week with the Copley let's use my dating life as a bit of an escape shall we....

So I went to Cambridge since he came into the city the last time. We met outside of the Newstand right outside of the Harvard T Station and then we walked to go and get coffee from this really cute coffee shop probably around 6pm. As soon as we walked he introduced me to someone in line, who I later found out was one of his best girl friends. The funny thing was as soon as I was introduced and she got a visual on me...we left and went to a different place to get coffee....I feel like it was a set up so she could meet me and either approve or disapprove...whatever I guess I don't really care I've definitely pulled similar stunts.

After we grabbed coffee we just started walking around Cambridge. We walked through the JFK park (which of course earned him major points) and then sat on a bench. After a while the sun started to go down and we both really needed to pee so we headed back to his dorm room. What was interesting is he has a single room despite having a roommate (The roommate lives in the common room...Wicked Smart Harvard kids). 

When we finally got in his dorm room I met his roommate who was definitely gay and definitely into the Harvard Gaymer...I almost felt bad. It was funny to see the way that the roommate just sort of stared at the Harvard Gaymer longingly and hoping that he was the one being led into his bedroom. 

When we got into his room I was SHOCKED! His room was so clean I didn't even know what to do. It literally looked like it could have been photographed for some Harvard bordered on being the serial killer type of clean that you only see on shows like Criminal Minds. After he admitted that he cleaned up a bit and his room didn't always look like this we got back to talking. I decided I was going to let him make the first move...unfortunately it just wasn't going to happen. He was too inexperienced to know now was his chance to kiss me so I may have prompted him, "So are you going to make a move or are you going to pussy out?" I'm so eloquent sometimes!

Well he finally made a move and we ended up making out. Then he reminded me that he gives awesome massages so I flipped over and let him rub my back (not bad honestly). And then the clothes started to come off...
In all seriousness the Harvard Gaymer has a GREAT body. Its very deceptive. You would think someone who spends most of his time on the computer or doing math would be sort of chubby and white, but he is this fit black guy. His cock isn't bad...big enough with a nice set of balls. The best part of the Gaymer though definitely has to be how appreciative he was to get his dick sucked. He openly admitted he had never had a blowjob where the person didn't scrape him with their teeth never mind a GOOD blowjob. He was pleased to say the least. But true to form I never like to spoil the fun too soon so I dragged it out. Every time I felt him ready to burst I stopped what I was doing. I watched him squirm just a little bit as the feeling of orgasm slowly subsided and then I would start all over again. 

At one point during my teasing session he decided that he needed to pee again so he was going to get completely dressed to go to the bathroom. But I took pity on the lonely roommate and insisted he go out in just basketball shorts (no underwear), no shirt, and his flip flops....I mean the lonely, awkward, white kid needs spank bank material too right? But I digress....

I have no idea how long we fooled around for at all. I ended up getting a decent blowjob from him too...I had to correct a few things in his technique but overall not bad for a novice. After what felt like a really long time we both started to enter the fatigue time....where if your dick isn't being constantly stimulated it quickly starts to deflate. Then finally the Harvard Gaymer exploded with a cum shot worthy of any good porn company. Then it was my turn and after about five minutes I had a cum shot that shot between both our heads....not bad for a second date right?


Now what was funny about the whole time we were hooking up is that my phone just wouldn't stop ringing or binging or buzzing. I ignored it but as soon as we were done I looked at it and found I had two missed calls, 4 text messages, 2 emails, and 3 Facebook notifications. I could not for the life of me figure out why all of these people felt a sudden urge to get into contact with me....then I realized it was 1 am....that's right I went on a 7 hour second date.....That's normal right?

He walked me back to the newsstand so I could get a cab back into the city since the T was already shut down and he kissed me good night. Then he headed to CVS to buy some junk food since neither one of us has eaten dinner....I grabbed something from a 24 hour convenience store near campus....

Honestly it was a great date. We definitely have chemistry, but I think that he might be a little too young. If only he was 2 years older and graduating. He would be more experienced (aka not a virgin), have more of his shit together, and dare I say it definite boyfriend material....I just can't get passed how young he seems....Maybe that's okay for the summer though...Eh who knows....Maybe I should stop over thinking things....

Well until later....


Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Harvard Gaymer

Well I am back at it.....I went on a date on Wednesday night with another guy I met off the online dating website. I am determined to find one normal person who I can date regularly.....

Let me begin by describing the guy: Physically he is about 6 feet tall, black, a little bit of scruff, huge hands and really long arms. He is also super smart. He goes to Harvard and is a math and computer science major which is pretty cool, different than me which I always appreciate. He is originally from Atlanta and is actually quite the catch I think. Some other lets not say issues, but complications, he is wicked into gaming (like video and computer games) and he like oh-so-many of the guys I've dated before is not out to his family. Not a huge issue since he is out in Boston and all of his friends at school know he's gay/bi.

Now for details about the date. For the record I'm calling this guy the Harvard Gaymer because he goes to Harvard and is so into the gaming...I think its appropriate.

So where do I begin. When we were trying to figure out when we could meet we ultimately decided that we could get together Wednesday despite my 12 hour long shift working because he would come and meet me in the city so I wouldn't have to head into Cambridge. The fact that he was willing to come and meet me won him major points. Then we settled on coffee at the Starbucks on the corner of Mass Ave and Boylston. I thought this would be perfect because it was walking distance for me and he could just hop on the 1 bus.

What I didn't take into account was that this guy went to super smart, but little to no common sense. About 10 minutes after he was supposed to meet me I decided to text him and figure out where he was. Apparently the green line was running late......Yes that's right this Harvard Gaymer had decided to take the Red Line and then the Green line to a place that was literally right off of the 1 Bus. It was at that point that I decided I would just meet him and we could walk some place closer.....and then just when I thought the directional skills couldn't get any worse....he told me, "Yea I just got off at Copley." Priceless, I know, but I didn't want to judge him to prematurely.

When I finally found him we grabbed coffee and headed back to Northeastern to see one of my friends perform in her acapella group, Pitch, Please! (you can check out videos of them there). I thought it would be a fun first date type of activity and I had already promised my friend I would go. We ended up sitting on the ground and listening for the entire set and then we left.

I could tell that he wanted an invite back to my place, which I was definitely wary of giving. I wasn't wary because I thought I might do something I would regret, but I was just worried about having to show off my atrocious room to someone who I had a good first date with so far. I split the difference and ended up inviting him up to the 16th floor common room of my building so he could check out a real view of the city. We ended up sitting right next to each other on an oversized chair and before I knew it we were kissing.

Great kisser! Just the right amount of playful and aggressive. After making out for probably five minutes we just continue to sit in the chair and talk withn his arms wrapped around was at this point I realized how big his hands were. I'm not saying this as an innuendo for his dick by the way. I'm talking about this guy's actual hands...they were huge and dwarfed mine in comparison. It was nice to have someone wrap there arms around me and just hold me with such big arms and hands for a change...that hasn't happened for a very long time and I definitely was not unhappy about it happening then.

During the conversations between making out I actually learned a lot about him. The two most important things: 1. He is a virgin for all intents and purposes and 2. He is a HUGE nerd. Most of you are probably judging me and saying that you just assumed these things by the fact that he is a black computer science major at Harvard, but I hold out hope folks....what can I say.... Ways I learned this information....welll he flat out told me the only time he ever had anal sex it lasted for three seconds and then he changed his mind. And then he made an error bars joke while kissing....that's right he made a math joke about kissing what a dweeb....and yet how endearing.....

Eventually after an hour or so of making out and just talking I realized where this night was going and insisted that he go home and not spend the night. I like him, for now at least, and I definitely don't want him to get the wrong impression. So I walked him first to grab something to eat and then to the 1 bus so he could get home.

On the walk to the bus I learned something about him that definitely piques my interest....he is a self-professed former fatty. Those of you who know me know that I have a theory that hasn't been wrong yet. Former fatties and former acne laden teenagers are usually the best in bed. They all are now attractive, but still have the I-Need-To-Make-Up-For-My-Looks-Self-Esteem which makes them a rock star in bed. There is nothing I love hearing more when talking to a really attractive guy that they used to get made fun of in middle school....some people may say....awww and feel bad, but in my head all I can think is JACKPOT!!

But I digress, he got on the bus and I walked home. We've been texting off and on all week and I actually have another date with him tonight, this time on his turf. So I guess I should head home so I can get ready to head out to Cambridge. Wish me luck!

Until next time....