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Sunday, August 25, 2013

You Got Cum Up My Nose...

Most people would agree that one of the best ways to spend a Sunday is doing absolutely nothing. I think most people would also agree that one of the few activities that would trump a lazy Sunday would be a 4 hour sex-a-thon. Well that's what I thought...But I may have ventured into the land of PLCs....once again...

Let me start from the beginning....How many of you remember Hickey??? Yes that Hickey. Well about two weeks ago he messaged me once again on OkCupid and we began chatting. Everything was innocent enough at first. Nothing nearly as crazy as the last time that I saw him at the Panera, but at some point, probably around 11pm that night he started to sort of dirty text me. I wouldn't even say it was sexting at this point just dirty texting. Then about 30 minutes in it became full on and all. To be honest I completely forgot how dirty this guy could be. The craziness had taken the place of any good character traits about him. After an hour or so of dirty texting/sexting I finally relented and gave him my number again (he had deleted it in his anger after the Panera incident).

Hickey then told me that he would be going to Jamaica for a week but he would like to see me after that. I expressed my concern that I didn't want to give him the wrong impression. I was very clear that I really was not looking to date him but if he was still interested in fooling around we might be able to do something about that. He was pretty interested in the proposition so I said I would text him when he got back from Jamaica to talk about coffee sometime.

So a week went by and I texted him again. He had a good trip and thought about what I had proposed, a friends with benefits situation more than a real dating situation, and he was still interested. I thought about this for a while before I really agreed. I remember how emotionally invested he got the last time and I didn't want a repeat, but the truth is I hadn't had sex since Hickey so...yes one head got the better of the other.

We agreed that we would meet that Sunday for a fortunate turn of events both of my current roommates were away for the week which made my apartment a pretty conducive meeting spot. I picked him  up from Ruggles (since he lives in Malden) and then drove him to my place. We had a coffee and while watching tv and catching up started making out.

Quickly we were going at it just like we had in the past. His belt was off and then I picked up all six feet of him and he wrapped his legs around me and I walked him into my room and threw him on my bed. His shirt was off next and then mine. We were both struggling to get the others button only pants off. Its sort of funny that we were both wearing pants with no zippers and only buttons and yet neither one of us anticipated that the other person would be wearing them


The sex then progressed quickly. He gave me an amazing blowjob just as I remembered. He was really into it and pretty skilled. His dick was bigger than I remembered. He was freshly shaved and made a point to tell me that he had cleaned himself up for the occasion. Everything from that point on just became carnal instincts. A lot of pulling, pushing, a little hitting, some biting, and a whole lot of hot kissing. The foreplay and oral sex went on for about 30 minutes or so...maybe a little longer. 

Then the sex began. All Hickey wanted was for me to fuck was hot as hell. I haven't been with someone who just wanted to be fucked like that in a very long time. There is something about knowing that somebody just wants you inside of them that is a huge turn on to me. So I got him to put the condom on and then had him just ride me. He was super into it....literally slamming himself onto me. Again wicked hot!

The sex continued in about 10 positions for about 2.5-3 hours. It was exactly what I needed. Just some raw fucking to get out all of the pent up frustrations with my life and all of the pent up sexual energy. The absolute best part was that there was no position that Hickey was not up to try. The deeper I could go and the harder I could thrust the happier and louder he got. 

The chemistry was simply fantastic! He trusted me and was able to fluidly move his body with mine and we both had a good time. Until my phone rang....

I paused for a moment and wasn't going to answer it but Hickey must have seen how uncomfortable it made me not to answer my work phone so he literally pulled my dick out of his ass and handed me my work phone. It was a patient and someone who actually needed to talk to me so it was a good thing that we took a break. I called the patient back and started to talk things over with him....Hickey of course couldn't keep his mouth to himself for one phone call...thank God I was able to control my natural reactions to his oral skills. I finally got off the phone with the patient threw on another condom and some lube and again started going to town. 

Eventually Hickey requested that we stop because his ass was getting sore.(OOPS) To be completely honest I am impressed that he lasted as long as he did....Had someone been pounding me the way I was him I definitely think I would have bitched out much sooner (Eh...maybe...I don't really know I have never been outdone yet).

Since he took such a good fucking I asked Hickey what his preference for cumming was. SO I ended up with cum all over my stomach which he promptly cleaned up and then requested that I cum on his face. I decided that the least I could do after him offering up his ass for 2 hours would be to cum on his face. It took about five minutes and then I shot a huge load across his face. Some of it ended up on his eye. He was smart enough to have his eyes closed but I still worried some would get in his eye and let's be real....that sucks...its almost as bad as toothpaste in your eye. I grabbed a towel and wiped my load off his face and suggested we shower. He said "Sure, but give me that got cum up my nose!" OOOOoooooOOOooops! I guess that happens. Who knew? I couldn't help but laugh and neither could he.

We then hopped in the shower together and both washed each other off. It was actually nice. We both were finally able to talk like two friends who hadn't seen each other in a long time with no weird or awkward sexual tension. For whatever reason the conversation in the shower post-coitus was the most natural conversation I had ever had with Hickey. I think that because the sexual tension had been alleviated and he felt no need to try and make sure I was still going to like him and want to date him afterward everything was just much more relaxed for the both of us. 

After showering we put our clothes back on and headed out to the living room and just sat and talked for a while...again like old friends. I tried to get him to go for a round two...I even volunteered to let him fuck me....I even pulled out one of my best deep throat tricks...which almost made him cum again, but he was pretty adamant that he didn't want a second round. To each his own I guess right? After talking for probably an hour he apologized for being so crazy when we were dating. He blamed it on recently having come out and recently having gotten out of a relationship. Then we grabbed coffee and I brought him home to Malden and headed back to my place to just enjoy the rest of my night. 

When all is said and done he hasn't texted me since then unless I text him first and he has been pretty normal. I'm thinking this kind of friends with benefits arrangement might work out really well for the both of us and I can't say that I hate it. We shall see where this goes, but who knew we hadn't see the end of works in mysterious ways  I guess.

Well Until Next Time....