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Monday, August 12, 2013

Flirts With Friends....

I am here today to talk to you all about something odd and strange that keeps occurring in my life....

The mobile app game Words With Friends has somehow become a gay flirting app. I'm not kidding. On one occasion this app actually even got me laid. Most recently I have been flirting with a total closet case and someone who has come back into the realm of possibility from Argentina. 

Before I go any further let me start by explaining this app/game. Its basically electronic scrabble. You play the game remotely with a friend and take turns playing words with the letters dealt to you by the computer. Simple enough right. Except there is a section of the game where you are able to message your opponent.

As you can see the little chat box has a 1 next to it. That means that whoever you are playing against has sent you a message. I imagine that in the straight world this chat message back and forth is often a place where a lot of shit talking gets accomplished. Not in the gay world. For whatever reason this is where two people with no apparent interactions in the real world besides a chance encounter where you may have become facebook friends can strike up a conversation. It never starts out flirty....then when you are playing words back and forth at 2:39AM and asking why they are still up...things always turn out to be more than what they first appeared. 

Back to my most recent encounters. One guy I was in a show with a few months back happened to invite me to a game and we have been playing back and forth off and on for probably 2 weeks now. We have played words and with each word we play some message happens to accompany it. We've talked about everything from tv shows, to leisure activities, to him suggesting he may be Anthony Weiner for Halloween. Now here is the kicker...this guy is totally in the closet...which most inevitably means I am not imagining the flirting and that it is real. I guess time will tell where this leads.

The other game that has recently started was with a guy I met while in Argentina. He was engaged at the time to a woman and after one night of making out with me...and crying called off his wedding. I didn't hear from him at all after that, but we did become facebook friends. Through his facebook I was able to see that he spent an entire year in South America traveling around before finally applying to law school. Then he finally moved back to the states and started a game of Words with Friends with me on the same day that he added a relationship with a girl to his facebook timeline. Its like a joke...I swear to God. 

Is Words With Friends becoming the new way for closeted gay men to sleuth and flirt with out gay guys they are attracted to or who they think they might get some action from?? Who really knows....just thought I would share this rather strange phenomenon in my life.

Until Next time...